Beliefs!!, what are they??,
Some believe in night, some in day,
It can lead us to the brightest of roads,
May also take us to the darkest streets,
Help us fight the toughest of battles,
Can make us collapse like a pack of cards,
Sometimes the belief fluctuates with the situation,
Sometimes the day is too bright, the night refreshing.

True Friends


is not about having dinner together,

its about asking why we are not having

it’s not about going on a trip together,

its about asking why we are not going

it’s not about enjoying happy times together

its about sharing our sorrows

it’s not only about advising

it’s about helping us reach our goals

it’s not about talking to each other

its about asking why we are not talking

it’s not about blaming each other

it’s about cursing someone together
True friends are rare, never let them go….

The Memories

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 10

Challenge No : 2

Write a Poem using below two prompt words –



When Relaxing with a peaceful mind,

The Past appeared like a fantasy ride.

Reliving memories which are only mine,

Dancing on the wavy tunes of time.

Linear it seems, but it’s always otherwise,

Depths of which can be maximized or minimized.

Happy times, pleasurable, difficult times unmeasurable,

The unknown and unreasonable now becomes palpable.

The selected ones, stirring and painful to keep,

Yet, in loneliness, those are the ones we seek.


Indian Independence Day:69 Years of Freedom

​And the vicious and obnoxious tree continues to grow, its fruits getting more poisonous, its branches and leaves  continue to multiply, spreading hatred, its roots, becoming even more firm. Yes this is India’s one of the oldest trees, which manifests itself as the pride, self-centred-ness, and short sighted development of any group of people, this is the “Divide and Rule” policy. Will India ever behold the day when this tree is uprooted.

The Message

#MiracleChallenge : Week – 9

2. Write a Poem using below two prompt words –

After the night, i can feel the day,

time to start, in the same way

i feel so light, and i am filled with mirth

want to meet myriads of people on earth

without my noticing, i started to sing

song of my life and the magic it brings

i am rising with the rising sun

the orange ball, painting for fun

the air, the fragrance and the moisture

has the healing touch of mother nature

searching for the daily necessities

feeding my family and setting priorities

success or not, but I will try

the waves of my song will never dry

out of the spell, i woke up under the tree

and saw birds flying and chirping around me.


Home Bound

with the cry, the curtains raised,

uncertain about what lies ahead,

map the present with the future,

surprising events at crucial junctures,

wild dreams, colourful songs,

decisions right and wrong,

darkness in patches,

to which the light matches,

long or short, sour or sweet,

our purpose we will achieve,

the open cage, with the curtains down,

dawn or night, we will be home bound.